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Peatio [貔貅] Open-Source Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development & Cloud Deployment

Peatio is a Crypto Accounting component for managing Digital Exchange for Crypto and Fiat currencies Peatio is a part of the OpenDAX stack - the complete solution for building your own trading platform

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Why Peatio.tech ?

Our mission is to build a more open, accessible and fair financial future using Peatio. Our technology stack empowers hundreds of Blockchain projects with millions of users across the globe to perform authentication and transactions without costly intermediaries

Application Development

We build real-world private blockchain applications solutions. Our expert team of blockchain developers, handles all Peatio related requests, from deploying nodes, front end development and graphic design, to engineering a full development stack.

OpenDAX Framework

OpenDAX stack is engineered around Peatio. We’ve improved efficiency and functionality to work flawlessly with other tools as unified components. Our team consists of React, Go, Hyperledger, Ruby on Rails, Docker and Kubernetes experts.

Enterprise Ready

Peatio.tech brings the experience of enterprise-grade IT and finance. Our custom-built solutions are centered around Peatio to incorporate privacy and security, while making room for future integrations. We bridge the gap between Peatio capability and the needs of our clients.

Consulting & Planning

We have been building Digital Asset Exchanges for the last 3 years, working with both startups and the biggest Forex brokers in the world. With this experience, we are ready to provide you with consulting in different areas, including Peatio-based exchange development, servers and hosting configuration, architecture and infrastructure design, and others.

Blockchain Professionals

We are experienced in working with different blockchains, including Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple and many others. Experienced in blockchain development APIs, databases, software frameworks, testing, storage and security.

OpenDAX Cloud

Bring your Peatio deployment to a new level with OpenDAX Cloud - a hosted solution for your Peatio-based exchange. Get it done fast, secure, and with the help of experienced Peatio developers.

Peatio Features and Details


Peatio is a part of a customizable OpenDAX exchange solution. Its architecture enables easy customization and configuration to meet your specific and unique business needs


Peatio is a true open source technology making it secure, transparent, flexible and highly configurable.

Proof of Solvency

Peatio Proof of Solvency (PoS) allows users to verify the solvency of the Peatio based cryptocurrency exchange without compromising user privacy.

Enterprise Exchange

OpenDAX Enterprise exchange features include a high-performance matching engine, scalable distributed worker threads, and SMS 2-factor authentication.


KYC Verification

Built-in KYC solution efficiently submits and exchanges KYC information to meet the banking supervisory standards and comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements.


Peatio supports a wide array of common languages, while improving usability for users all over the world.

Role-Based Access Control

OpenDAX stack allows you to protect the platform not only from the external threats but also to make sure that your users’ data is safe from the inside

Functional & Intuitive

Clean, user-friendly registration and login interface. Personalized deposit and withdraw procedure and a built-in proof-of-solvency audit.

Compliant to international Information Security Management System (ISMS) guidelines for IT security in banking and other financial institutions, in accordance to ISO 27001 with AES256 encryption keys

Support plans

Part of the OpenDAX family

Peatio is a component, responsible for crypto accounting in the OpenDAX stack.

It comes with Barong, an authentication server, Rango - WebSocket notification server written in Go, and, for the Enterprise customers - OpenFinex, a high-load matching engine, followed by multiple Front-End components.

Altogether, they create a framework to kickstart any kind of Digital Assets Exchange development.